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What Should You Be Looking For In A Property Management Company?

Property management company

When you own an apartment building or another kind of commercial property, it can be difficult to take care of the property, particularly if you bought the property as an investment and don’t have the time it takes to give your property and tenants the attention they deserve. You might want to considering hiring a property management company.

A property management company can be a useful entity for a number of reasons. They can handle correspondence with residents, collect rents, handle maintenance and perform other tasks so that you can focus on other tasks. However, there are so many different property management companies, it can be hard to know what to focus on in order to find the one that best suits your particular needs and wants. Here are just a few of the things to look for in a property management company.

–How Many Similar Properties Do They Manage?

You might know of a company that oversees different apartment buildings, but if your property is a suite of business offices, there might be a better property management firm for you. Each type of commercial property has its own issues, so be sure to hire a company that has experience with the kind of property you own.

–The Number Of Overall Properties Being Managed

While every successful property manager has more than one property and client they are working for, you need to find out how many properties they are currently working on. You don’t want to find out that they are stretched thin and cannot give your property the attention it deserves. While there is no hard and fast rule about the magic number of properties that are “okay”,i you are going to work with a company that oversees hundreds of properties, be sure to ask how many people will working directly on your property. Talk to different companies to determine which offers you the most dedicated staff.

–The Specific Person Who Will Oversee Your Property

Many property management firms recruit clients and farm the properties out to various employees. While this can work well, if you want to get the most out of your relationship with your specific property manager, you need to know who exactly that is.

When you meet them, it is important to pay attention to the way you interact. Do they constantly interrupt whatever you are attempting to say? Do they seem friendly? These kinds of clues can give you some idea of how they’ll behave with your tenants and others; if you don’t feel that you and the property manager get along, that could be a red flag.

–How Costs Are Compiled

Because you are paying for all the repairs and maintenance tasks, some property managers assume they have carte blanche and will bill you for every thing they buy without telling you. This can lead to expensive bills that you dread opening when they come in the mail.

Instead, before taking on a property management firm, ensure that you find out how you’re billed and what kinds of costs you can expect. You might opt to give your property manager a limit; in that scenario, if repairs need to be made that fall under the limit, they can get those things done right away. If costs are over the limit, they need to contact you first.

–When You Will Receive Reports

Your property management firm will send you feedback about how your property is doing–which rents are late, what tasks were done for the month, etc. However, it is vital that you take an active role in your property, even if you aren’t there on a day to day basis. Therefore, you need to be aware of how often a company sends you those reports, as every company has their own rules.

–How Often You’ll Communicate

Once you get the reports, you may have questions or concerns. It is important that you’re able to reach your property manager to make any changes, but you need to be assured that you can always reach them. You might want to set up a weekly talk to go over anything that needs to be done.

When you pay attention to the information in this article, you will be better able to select a property management company to oversee your property. Have a consultation with a few companies so you can be sure that you choose the right one.



Essential Tips For Residential Property Management

A residential investment property comes with a lot of responsibility for the owner. Besides the financial side of things, the owner is responsible for providing a livable and safe environment for the tenants. Residential property management entails more than making sure maintenance is carried out in due diligence. This means that you need the correct management for the property and put all the necessary workings in place.

A professional property manager can essentially add considerable value to your investment, and many successful real estate investors will often insist that a good company is worth the time and effort. Here are some of the reasons why you need a residential property management company:

Great Tenants

Although it’s certainly possible to throw a bad tenant out of your property after they are in, you can save yourself the hassle by making sure that they are not accepted in the first place. Tenant screening is more of the moat and draw bridge of your property; which results in higher quality and reliable tenants that always pay on time, cause less overall problems, rent longer, and put less wear and tear in their units. Since a property management company has already come across thousands of applications, they know how to analyze each candidate for warning signs.

Much Fewer Legal Problems

Seasoned landlords know that it takes only one troublesome tenant to create a costly, time-consuming, legal or financial headaches. Professional property managers are aware of the latest landlord-tenants laws and regulations to make sure you are not vulnerable to the potential lawsuits. A single lawsuit avoided can offer more than the pay for the fees incurred with property managers, and spare you much time and anguish.

Better Rent Collection Process

Rent collection management can be the difference between failure and success as a landlord. Timely rent collection maintains a consistent stream of income, and your tenants need to know it’s not negotiable. The property manager will essentially put a buffer between you and the tenants, letting them be the bad guy who have to chase down rent, listen to excuses, and even evict a tenant when necessary.

3 Essential Tips For Residential Property Management

For success with residential property, you not only need to maintain it in pristine conditions, but also offer the tenants advanced features to match their needs. But, how can you pave way for future expansion? How can you make sure that your residential property attracts and retains its tenants?

1. Exceptional Maintenance

How your building looks is always crucial, though perhaps never so much so as it is today. Rundown looks can hardly attract clients, so managers have to check the perimeters routinely to identify areas or sections of the property that need replacements and repairs.

This should include regular checks for the landscaping, roofing, paint, signage, glass, as well as the parking areas. Internally, the flooring, walls, plumbing, fixtures, and furnishings need to be in pristine working conditions and look great at all times. Well-maintained residential properties will give out a more professional and presentable air; something most tenants should unquestionably pay a high premium for.

2. Essential Upgrades

Regular essential upgrades are perhaps the lifelines for success in residential property management projects. Just as commercial properties, residential properties have to keep up with the current trends with the aim to offer the tenants something more than the commonly regular features. Such upgrades include all of the aspects of the property, starting with the most advanced security systems, to the latest living-space features.

Many people prefer convergent and compact solutions for their homes. Integrating essential services with the routine operations of the property can boost business, and increase the potential for more revenue from the existing tenants.

3. Effective Communication

All of the above features and services would be useless unless a precisely clear two-way communication channels are established between the management and the tenants of the residential property. This ultimately comes down to servicing and dealing with problems as they arise. In this case, the management requires excellent skills in dealing with people, as well as the patience to have a calm demeanor to face a crisis.

Regardless of what problems may arise with the property, the management needs to quickly come up with clever ways to solve the problems calmly, so that the regular functions are unhindered. For this reason, the management also has to be reliable, approachable, resolute, and at the same time flexible enough.



Benefits of an Investment Property Management Company

Investment property management services have continued to become popular a people are looking for professional help in maintaining their portfolio. Property management is never an easy thing because a lot goes into properly managing the different aspects of management. This can be even harder when you don’t have the necessary experience. Apart from managing your property portfolio, they can also provide you advice when you need it.

There are some people who prefer to manage their investment property on their own to save money. But this is risky because you can easily mess up when something wrong happens. Below are some benefits of hiring an investment management service.

Market Appraisal

A property management company can help give you an independent assessment of the correct rent for your property. One mistake that many people usually make the mistake of overestimating the weekly rent they charge, which results in lost income through a high vacancy rate. Before you make the decision on the rent you are going to charge, see a professional to help you set the right amount of rent. An investment property management will do their best to help you set the right rent, reduce vacancy rate, while not setting the rent too low.

Tenant Selection

Property owners must always be extra careful when performing background checks on tenants to ensure they will take a responsible approach to their tenancy. The process of selecting the right tenant is important for every homeowner because finding a good tenant means they will be paying their rent on time and taking care of the property. A good property management company has access to information on people have shown a history of being bad tenants and can have a thorough look on the applications to ensure only the best tenants are selected.


This is one of the most important services you get. It can be hard to find tenants without having a marketing strategy. The company will have a list of tenants who are looking to rent a property. Many tenants usually go to these companies to inquire about property that they can rent. Property management companies have also started invested in online marketing, which has been shown to be an effective form of marketing.

Viewing the property

When prospective tenants want to view the property, you don’t have to be there to do since that can be easily done by the company. Many people usually come to view the property when they are free, such as after work hours, evenings, or weekends. It can be hard to keep up with these viewings because you will be restricted in their time, and can prevent them from finding the best tenant. This can also make the process of finding the right tenant harder and time consuming.


A contract is the most important document for any property owner. This is the binding agreement between your tenant and you or the investment property management company. It is always important to have a contract because it protects the property owner. The contract should state the responsibilities of the property owner and the tenant. Without a good contract, a property owner can have a lot of problem with tenant in the future.

Tenant Retention

Keeping good tenants is crucial for every investor. The main reason why many good tenants leave is the failure by the landlord to provide high level of services such as making repairs. There are times when fixing the problem can take a lot of time because the owner has a lot of personal issues he/she needs to deal with. With an investment property management company, these issues will be dealt within the shortest time possible and in turn, reduce vacancy rates.


These companies will conduct inspections regularly to ensure that your investment property is in good condition if there is any problem, they fix it in the shortest time possible. Maintaining the value of the property is an important thing for many investors and that is why this is key.

Legal Issues

There has been a growing trend towards litigation and this is worrying for property owners. Property owners who manage their own properties are opening themselves to litigation if they fail to discharge their legal responsibility.

With the right property management company, a property owner can easily increase their revenue and make the tenants happy.